Protecting your valuables through your Florida home insurance policy

            It is officially February, the month where many acts revolve around the theme love. Oftentimes, this love is expressed through the giving of gifts. In the midst of chocolates and Valentine cards, rather costly items such as engagement rings, diamond bracelets, and men’s watches are purchased. With all the time, effort, and money spent, why not make sure such costly and precious items are protected?

            One way to protect such items is by scheduling your jewelry and other precious objects onto your Florida homeowner’s insurance policy. So your insurance company will know what they are including onto your policy, you must supply your insurance company with many details about your jewelry items, such as: the cut, carat, clarity, number of diamonds, and the serial number. You must also be prepared to provide photos, offer receipts, and have your jewelry appraised.

            According to, the four top reasons why you should consider scheduling your jewelry onto your Florida home insurance policy the following:

  1. Most policies limit the amount of coverage for theft of jewelry
  2. Low or No deductible for covered losses
  3. Establishes a set value for the payment of the piece’s replacement cost
  4. Expands the kinds of loss covered to include mysterious disappearance, breakage, and other kinds of loss

When talking about jewelry, you might first think of only scheduling on women’s jewelry. However, you can schedule many different kinds of valuables onto your Florida home insurance policy. You can add items such as guns, furs, antiques, silverware, both men’s and women’s jewelry, and any other such precious items.

    If you have any questions about scheduling your jewelry, new or old, onto your Florida home insurance policy, contact Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency at 352-787-7548 today, and make sure to check out our website!