Quick Inexpensive Ways to Refresh Home Décor

After several years in your home you might find that it has begun to look a little tired and worn. You may not be able to afford major renovations but there are less expensive things you can do to spruce up your home and give it new life. While you are making plans to fix up your home, why not check with your home insurance in Orlando agent to find out if any of your policies need to be updated?

Paint is one of the least expensive ways to brighten up a room. It is something you can do yourself, and it gives you the opportunity to be creative. You may try painting different walls different colors, or use different shades of the same color. Painting chair rails, base boards, crown moldings and window frames a darker shade than that used for the walls may make for a more interesting decor. Choose good quality paint and use drop cloths to help protect flooring.

Perhaps your furniture is looking worn too? Should your budget not run to new furniture, slip covers may be an inexpensive way to create the feel of new furniture. Decorating couches and chairs with colorful, fluffy pillows may add a nice touch. Inexpensive accent tables, art for the walls and plants in decorative plant stands may all help to liven up a room. Are you looking to cut your budget in other ways? Contact your home insurance in Orlando agent to find out what you might do to qualify for any discounts your insurance carrier may offer or to arrange competitive quotes.