Rebuilding Your Business Following a Disaster

Florida may be a beautiful place to own a business, with its sandy beaches and salty breezes, but the Sunshine State is not always sunny. Hurricanes hit Florida shores almost every year, and sometimes spin off tornadoes. That is why insurance coverage is vital for your company. Your agent may help you choose the right policies to financially protect your business.

Also important is a having disaster recovery plan that you may implement following a disaster. It is vital that you back up all computer files, including financial information, and maintain the backups online or in a secure location away from your business. You may want to make sure your insurance coverage includes replacement of your computer hardware and software, as well as office furniture and other technological equipment.

You may want to consider which utilities are most important to your Florida business operation and make alternate arrangements, such as the purchase of a portable generator, to help get your business going again as quickly as possible after a disaster. It may be a good idea to talk to your agent about business interruption insurance, which may provide financial protection for lost revenue while your business is out of commission.  

You may even obtain insurance coverage to provide you with an alternate location from which to operate your business while your building is being repaired or reconstructed. Your agent may advise you as to the insurance coverage a business in Florida typically needs to be prepared in the event of a disaster.