Recent Florida Sinkhole Occurence

sinkhole pic.jpg

        Last week, a house in Hudson, FL, was partially swallowed up by a sudden, large sinkhole. Because the sinkhole opened up while the owner, 79-year-old Susan Minutillo, was out of the house, no one was injured, though her neighbors were forced to evacuate. Specialists say that the sinkhole might have opened up quicker because of the recent heavy rain that we have been getting here in Florida.

        Gerald Black, a geologist and vice president of Geohazards, Inc., said that “sinkholes are common in Florida because the rock below the land surface is composed of limestone, calcium carbonate, and other rocks that can be naturally dissolved by groundwater circulating through them. When the rock dissolves, spaces and caverns develop underground. This can happen over time or quite suddenly like it did with Minutillo’s home, and a sinkhole forms.”

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