Recent Sinkhole Occurrence and Your Florida Home Insurance

        According to an Orlando Sentinel article, another incident of a sinkhole occurred near Windermere, Florida, on Friday, May 4th. After a 100-foot sinkhole opened up on Thursday, May 3rd, few homes were evacuated and some left their homes voluntarily for safe measure.

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        Hearing about unexpected occurrences of sinkholes can be worrisome, causing you to question whether or not such an incident will happen to you. Sinkholes are capable of causing much damage, more than you might be able to afford. Though we cannot prevent such events from happening, we at Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency can lesson the blow by providing you a with great Florida insurance. The catastrophic ground cover collapse section of your homeowners insurance policy should give you peace of mind by providing coverage for your home if it suffers severe damage caused by a ground cover collapse.


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        Whether or not you have insurance with us, we will be more than willing to look over your current insurance policies or requote you. We will be willing to answer every question that we are able to and help you purchase the best Florida insurance policies that suit your specific needs. For great Florida insurance, contact us today!





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