Risk Management Strategies for Extreme Weather Events

Running a business often means facing multifaceted risks on a daily basis, so a good risk management plan can be an important part of your key operational strategies. Your Florida commercial insurance package may be a big part of your risk management plan, but there are also other measures you can take when there are risks you can anticipate.

Florida lies in one of the main hurricane paths, so it’s a fair bet that you could experience major storms or actual hurricanes at some point in the life of your business. Adding specific coverage to add extra financial protection is one way of managing that risk – think in terms of hurricane, flood, business interruption, and systems breakdown and income protection coverage. 

However, you can also take measures to ensure that your business property is built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Have an experienced contractor go over the property with you to make recommendations about ways to improve its storm-worthiness – from waterproofing, to drainage, roof construction, window and door seals and joinery.

Remember, your Florida commercial insurance is your financial back up. Whatever you can do to create a front line of defense against storm and hurricane damage, could be critical to your ability to withstand a storm and get through the recovery period. Your extra precautions may also qualify you for premium discounts, so call our agents today to discuss how your risk management for extreme weather may help with your insurance.