Road Rage Recommendations

        Road rage is prominent in our fast paced society. We are used to everything happening quickly and whenever we want, and we extend this thought process to the way we drive. If someone isn’t driving the way we want them to, we quickly get angry and want to make sure they know how made they have made us. So, we might do things like tailgating, waving our arms in frustration, yelling rude comments out of the window, flashing our lights, and honking our horns. Actions like this can hurt others’ feelings or possible cause a wreck.

        In order to avoid road rage, the first step is to use restraint and try to keep a cool head. Refrain from using your automobile to intimidate others, because not only is this rude and can cause more friction, it can also be dangerous and cause an unnecessary accident. It also helps if you are getting frustrated to avoid eye contact and try your best to remove yourself from the situation. It is beneficial to try to avoid getting behind the wheel if your are tired or irritable. For those of you that might be the cause of road rage by driving slow in the left lane, it is best for you to be polite and get over in the right lane to ease the frustration of those who wish to drive at a faster speed.

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