Safe Summer Grilling


        “In 2005-2009, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 8,200 home fires involving grills per year… These fires caused an average of 3,400 structure fires, 4,800 outside fires, 15 civilian deaths, 120 civilian injuries, and $75 million in direct property damage per year” ( The risk of such incidents occurring is much less likely when you take special precautions while grilling this summer.

        If you have a gas grill, there are certain safety tips you should follow. Before you begin to grill, check the tubes that lead into the burner for any blockage, and clear out the blockage to the main part of the burner. Then, check the grill hoses for cracking, holes, or sharp bends. Once you check the hoses, move them as far away as possible from hot surfaces. Make sure to replace nicked connectors. You may want to check for gas leaks if you smell gas. If there is a gas leak, don’t grill until it is fixed, and make sure to keep all fire and heat away from the leak. Never use your grill indoors. Instead, keep it outdoors and move the grill a significant distance away from your home. Make to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the grill, and if you can’t fix it yourself, seek out a qualified appliance repair person (

        There are a few facts that you should consider when dealing with charcoal grills. When burned, charcoal produces carbon monoxide, and “each year about 30 people die and 100 are injured as a result of CO fumes from such grills” ( Never use charcoal grills indoors. Not only could they start a house fire, but they could also pollute the air indoors and harm you and your loved ones. Because the colorless and odorless characteristics of carbon monoxide make it hard to detect, you must know that charcoal will produce CO until it is completely extinguished (

        Hopefully these tips are useful for you and can help you have a carefree and safe summer. However, if an accident does occur, you need to make sure that you are properly insured for such an unexpected event. If you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage or are interested in receiving a quote for a great Florida insurance policy of any kind, personal or commercial, contact Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency at 352-787-7548. If you have any questions regarding our insurance agency, check out our website.