Safety in the Workplace

        Depending on what kind of job you have, safety isn’t always a main focus, but no matter where you work, there is always some chance for an accident. According to, tripping, slipping, and falling rank second to automobile accidents nationwide. Though not all of these accidents occurred in the workplace, the best way to avoid such unexpected accidents is to be prepared for anything and everything. Here are some general tips to keep you safe in the workplace:

– Keep the walkway clear.

– Look before you sit.

– Be careful around filing cabinets. (When pulled out, drawers can cause the cabinet to fall toward you, and when left open, you can run into the drawers.)

– Don’t read while walking.

– Don’t carry anything higher than eye level.

– Don’t run.

– Keep things off of cabinets.

– Use handrails.

– Use elevator when carrying heavy loads.

– Watch where you step.

         Though some of those tips may seem like common sense, it is easy to let common sense fly out the window when you are in a stressful work situation. However, some workplaces require more specific safety procedures and rules. It is important to be aware of such procedures so you can keep yourself and your co-workers accident-free, and if you are a business owner, make sure that your employees are aware of your expected safety practices.

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