Snow Sport Safety

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Are you planning on vacationing to see snow this winter? If so, don’t forget to stay safe. Not only is it important to be safe while driving in the snow, especially for us inexperienced Floridians, it is also important to stay safe while participating in snow-related sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. 

Always wear sport-specific, properly fitting safety gear when participating in winter sports. 
It’s worth repeating: Kids should always wear helmets when they ski, sled, snowboard and play ice hockey. There are different helmets for different activities. 
Parents should wear helmets too. Remember, your children learn and practice safety habits by watching you. 
Dress in layers and wear warm, close-fitting clothes. Make sure that long scarves are tucked in so they don’t get entangled in lifts, ski poles or other equipment. 
Stay hydrated. Drink fluids before, during and after winter play. 
Anyone who becomes distracted or irritable, or begins to hyperventilate, may be suffering from hypothermia or altitude sickness, or they may be too tired to participate safely in winter sports. They need to go indoors to warm up and rest. 
Children under 6 should not ride a snowmobile, and nobody under 16 should drive one. All snowmobile drivers and passengers should wear helmets designed for high-speed motor sports. A bike helmet isn’t sufficient for a vehicle that can go up to 90 miles per hour.


It is always important to keep safety on the brain, even when participating in fun activities such as winter sports. We at Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency hope you all have a safe and fun trip!

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