Spring Weather, Yard Sales, and Your Great Florida Home Insurance Policy!

April is a beautiful month in the state of Florida. A month full of warm weather, flowers ready to bloom, great beach days, and successful yard sales are just a few of the many wonderful things linked to the month of April. However, warm weather isn’t the only thing needed for a great and successful yard sale.

When it comes to having a successful yard sale, the first thing you need to do is check your city to make sure that you don’t need a permit or license. You might also want to check with your neighbors to see if any are interested in holding a “block” sale to attract more visitors. Next, you need to make sure to advertise not only by word of mouth but also through signs and newspaper advertisements. You can’t have a successful yard sale if people don’t know you’re having one. Then, you should go through what you are going to sell and price all of your items accordingly. Remember, people will be looking for cheap finds. So, it might be best if you refrain from selling something valuable at such a sale. Make sure to display everything neatly, and make sure everything can be seen without having to dig through full, cluttered boxes. It might be best if you keep pets and animals away from the sale area. Have a good amount of bags and newspaper so that you can protect fragile items for customers. Lastly, make sure to have a good amount of coins and small bills available to make change for your customers.


With so many people coming and going on your property, you never know if someone will get hurt. If someone does get hurt and you have an appropriate amount of home liability coverage, you will not have anything to worry about. However, if someone does get hurt on your property and you don’t have liability coverage included on your Florida homeowners insurance policy, you may end up paying out of pocket if the visitor to your property has to visit the doctor for any injuries. If you would like to add, increase, or just discuss your liability coverage with an expert, contact Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency today!

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