Summertime and Your Florida Homeowner’s Insurance

        Summer is the time of year when people like to get together for cook-outs, pool parties, grilling, and other types of parties and get-togethers. Sometimes, people invite many people, both adults and children, over to enjoy in such activities. Though these parties can be fun and enjoyable, with that many people, there is the likelihood of an accident. Someone may fall into a pool, may get burnt on the grill, or may slip on the poolside. If it goes so far that you are faced with a lawsuit against you because of an injury, you may not have enough liability coverage to fully protect you in such a circumstance. Though these accidents are by no means ideal, they do happen. If you do not have enough liability coverage, you may have to pay out of pocket, which could cause major financial strain.

        Liability coverage is the portion of your Florida homeowner’s insurance policy that protects another person’s bodily injuries that you are responsible for. The good news is if you do not have a sufficient amount of liability coverage, you can purchase an umbrella policy to extend your liability coverage. An umbrella insurance policy can cover you in the case of: slander/ libel lawsuits, property damage, and legal fees.

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