The Importance of Florida Boat Insurance

Much of Florida’s beauty is found in its many bodies of water. Whether it is a lake, river, ocean, or gulf, Floridians love to spend the long, lazy summer days enjoying its beauty. Because of this, there are well over 900,000 boats registered in the state of Florida. Though we love to associate our boats and other watercrafts with fun and relaxation, theft, vandalism, and accidents are all very real possibilities. 

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida is ranked number one when it comes to boating and other watercraft accidents with around 668 reported boating accidents in 2010. Through a great Florida boat insurance policy, you can lessen the blow of such unexpected and unwanted incidents. You can purchase coverage to protect you, your passengers, your boat, its accessories, and should you have an accident, the people on the other water vessel. 

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