The Perfect Christmas Guide

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Looking for that Christmas gift guaranteed to “wow” your loved one? You can’t go wrong with one of these top ten greatest tech products of 2012.

1. Apple iPhone 5: The latest of the Apple iPhones is “thinner, lighter, and quicker”.

2. Apply iPad Mini: Priced at $329, this iPad mini is guaranteed to impress!

3. Google Nexus 4: This item was so desirable that it sold out within minutes of going on sale on November 13th. Aren’t you curious to see what all the commotion was about…?

4. Google Nexus 10: Priced $100 less than the Apple alternative, this tablet was a huge success this year!

5. Vizio Cinema Wide TV: How can you pass on this enormous 3-D TV?

6. California Headphone Co. Headphones: You know these headphones must be worth the hype since they combined the latest technology with a look “inspired by WWII aviation headphones”. 

7. MacBook Retina 15-Inch: Weighing less than 4.5 pounds, this MacBook has been labeled “the world’s highest-resolution notebook display”.

8. 3rd and 4th Generation iPad: Can you really go wrong with anything made by Apple? 

9. Samsung Galaxy S III: It’s large, clear screen is bound to satisfy even the pickiest people you are going to buy for this Christmas!

10. Ultra-thin iMac: Priced at around 
$1,299, this thin uses the latest technology to provide you with a crystal clear, satisfactory experience.

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