Things to Consider When Buying a Mobile Home

Are you tired of renting, but you can’t yet afford to buy a house or apartment? Perhaps you might consider purchasing a mobile home, as a lower cost option. It could be a way of working yourself into the market from the bottom end and then as your financial situation improves, you could sell and move to a fixed dwelling. When buying a mobile home you should look into your options for mobile home insurance Florida at the same time so that you can factor in the cost.

There are building codes for mobile homes, just as there are for regular housing. You need to make sure that any mobile home you are considering has been built within regulations. When you are buying a new mobile home, ask about a builder warranty period – this is the period during which if you find any faults with the home, the builder is liable for repair costs. After that time lapses, any problems are likely to be your financial responsibility.

There are specialist mobile home insurance Florida policies, and you should call us to get information on the various options that are available. Premiums may vary, depending on the age and condition of the mobile home you are purchasing. You should also ask if there are any discounts available if you purchase multiple policies with one insurer, as this may be a way to keep your overall outlay for insurance within budget.