Tips to Avoid Drunk Driving

            When it comes to driving safely, it is better not to drive after drinking any amount of alcohol. Though you might not think it at the time, even the slightest bit of alcohol will cause you to be less alert and less careful while driving. Alcohol is capable of slowing your reaction time, impairing your memory, and causing you to loose coordination, all of which make driving more difficult.

How to avoid drinking and driving:

  • Arrange a ride beforehand
  • Have a designated driver
  • Rely on public transportation
  • Intervene if someone you know intends to drive drunk

How you can intervene:

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  • Suggest that he’s had too much to drink and it would be better to let someone else drive or to take a cab.
  • Be calm. Joke about it. Make light of it.
  • Make it sound like you are doing him a favor.
  • Speak to his friends and have them make an attempt to persuade him to hand over the keys (if you don’t know the person well).
  • Tell him that if he insists on driving, you are not going with him, that you will call someone else for a ride, take a cab, or walk (if you are close to the person).
  • Locate the person’s keys while he is preoccupied and take them away. Most likely, he will think he’s lost his keys and will be forced to find another mode of transportation.
  • Avoid embarrassing the person or being confrontational.

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