Tips to Decorating the Perfect Holiday Table!

Christmas is the perfect time of year to have your friends and family over for fun and fellowship. As with most get-togethers, the main attraction is the meal, which means everyone will be gathered around the table. How you decorate your table will set the mood and theme of the holiday. The following tips will help you decorate your table to suit both the Christmas theme and your personal preferences. 

Choose a Color Palette

o Ever get tired of the usual red and green? Think outside of the box! Instead of decorating your table with traditional Christmas colors, bring out the colors you already have featured in your dining room. 

o Not into bright colors? There’s nothing wrong with choosing a neutral color palette. What says the holidays more than a “White Christmas”?

Be Creative with the Centerpiece

o Love the rustic Christmas feel? Replace the floral centerpiece with special accessories such as pinecone candles, animal figurines, and evergreen branches.

o Feeling a little crafty? For a wintery twist on the floral centerpiece, fill glass vases with artificial snow and paper flowers.

o If you like simple, no hassle decorating, line up a row of birch-bark trees in the center of the table as a stunning centerpiece.

o Fill a glass apothecary jar with a variety of colored Christmas bulbs to add some color to the room. If you would like to take it a step further, top off the jar with a dusting of artificial snow. 

o Not enough room on your table for a grand centerpiece? Try hanging a branch from the ceiling with twine and ceiling hooks to display some of your favorite Christmas ornaments. 

o Another way to add color to your tables, fill a platter with colorful ornaments.

o Love the smell of Christmas trees? Try adding miniature trees in a galvanized tub.

o Use natural items such as red pears and miniature firs along with dark red candles to add to your red and green color palette. 

Add to Other Areas of Your Home:

o Hang garlands along shelves and the mantel to add a natural holiday touch that both smells good and looks festive.

o Add fresh flowers and glowing votives to set the Christmas mood.

* For more decorating tips check out the Country Living website

We at Westgate-Jones hope that you have a merry Christmas!

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