Tips to Staying Safe This New Year

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The chaos and road danger doesn’t stop at Christmas, it continues well on into New Year’s. Some people choose to celebrate New Year’s by staying home with their friends and family, and some choose to celebrate by going out. If you choose to ring in the New Year at a party, it is important to stay safe. 

Be extra careful on the roads, and look out for drunk drivers.
If you want to avoid drinking on New Year’s, make sure to keep from any temptation. It’s easier to refuse if you are away from alcohol all together.
Auto accidents are definitely more prevalent during the holidays, nearly half of them a result of drunk driving. 
Remember that just because your blood alcohol level may be at the legal level of under .08 doesn’t mean that your coordination is up to par. Your body weight plays a significant part in how your body reacts to alcohol.
Set a designated driver that is committed to resisting the temptation to drink.
Not all alcoholic beverages have a strong taste of alcohol. Don’t forget how much alcohol content is truly in each drink.
Spending New Year’s at home isn’t a bad idea either. Even if you do decide to drink at home, at least you don’t have to worry about driving, and if you choose not to drink, the comfort of your own home may relieve you of the pressures you may face at a party.

Have a safe and happy New Year!
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