Watercraft Theft: Which State is Number One?

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        Living in Florida we are surrounded by water and water activities. Many of us even own some sort of watercraft. According to the latest report conducted by the National Insurance Crime Board, “thieves target boaters living in the Sunshine State more than anywhere else in the United States last year”. Unfortunately, of the 6,090 watercrafts stolen in 2011, 1,332 were stolen from the state of Florida. Of the watercrafts stolen, jet skis were the most popular.

What should you do to protect your watercraft?

  • Lock and secure the boat to the dock with a steel cable.
  • Remove expensive equipment when not in use.
  • Chain and lock detachable motors to the boat.
  • Never leave title or registration papers in the craft.
  • Install an ignition system kill switch to prevent thieves from starting the engine when docked; alternatively, shut down fuel lines or remove the battery.
  • Use a trailer hitch lock after parking a boat on its trailer.


        In addition to making sure you take the proper precautions to preventing your watercraft from being stolen, we at Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency want to make sure your watercrafts are properly insured. Since watercrafts are not covered by your homeowner insurance policy, you will have to purchase a separate boat policy to make sure they are covered. Contact Westgate-Jones today to get a quote.

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