Ways to Avoid Hectic Mornings

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        Getting back into the school routine takes some getting used to, especially when it comes to getting to school on time. On lazy summer days you can sleep in and you don’t have to worry about getting anywhere in the morning. Both parents and children know how hard it is to wake up and get to school on time, but these simple tips can make the morning routine a little easier.

  1. Take your time. Take time to breathe and stay relaxed.
  2. Keep options simple.
  3. Be dressed before breakfast.
  4. Make brushing teeth and hair fun.
  5. Keep necessary items close to the door.
  6. Have your kids put their shoes on in the car.
  7. Use a timer to create a fun, competitive game to get out of the door on time.
  8. If all else fails, bribe them.

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        Hopefully these tips will help you and your children get back into the swing of things this school year. We at Westgate-Jones know how difficult it is to get out the door on time and want to make your life easier. Don’t forget that we are also here to meet your insurance needs. Call us today at 352-787-7548. We hope you have a great school year!

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