What Affects Your Health Insurance Premium?

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          As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. When we have months dedicated to such serious illnesses, we are reminded of keeping up our personal health and making sure we are financially secure in case of an unexpected illness. One way to financially protect you and your family is through a good health insurance policy. It is important that this policy covers your medical expenses and that you are with a trusted insurance company.

          Breast cancer treatments can be very costly, as some of you might know, and this is where a good health insurance policy can help. To make sure your policy will be able to cover your medical expenses, your policy should have a lifetime payout of one million or more. Thankfully, most insurance companies will pay 100% of routine physicals. This includes mammograms! We at Westgate-Jones Insurance Agency can help you find the perfect company and policy that will suit your personal needs.

        Regardless of the policy and company you are written with, it is important to know the main circumstances that will affect your premium:

Weight/BMI: A higher weight or BMI may lead to certain diseases such as diabetes.

Tobacco Use: If you use tobacco in anyway, there is a higher risk of disease.

Gender: Women are more likely to go to the doctor, which leads to a higher premium.

Age: The older you are, the more risk of illnesses and injuries, the higher the premium.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions: With pre-existing medical issues, there is a better chance you will develop other related issues.

Family History: Genetics plays a part in physical health.

Profession: If you work in hazardous working conditions, you will most likely have a higher premium.

Where You Live: Statistics show that people who live in certain areas tend to have similar health issues. The climate, tendency to exercise, lack of healthy food options, etc. are all factors that affect health.

Marital Status: Though no one knows exactly why, statistics show that married couples live longer.
Previously Uninsured:
The insurance company anticipates that previously uninsured policyholders have been waiting to get covered medical care for various ailments.

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