What do you do with your Valentine’s Day bouquet?

    Valentine’s day is over. Your chocolates are almost gone, your jewelry has already made its big debut at work, your cards are displayed, and you know your flowers will soon start to wilt. What should you do?

1. Preserve your flowers by drying them.

      -Gather the bouquet of flower into a bunch. If there are multiple colors, bunch each color separately.

      -Bind them together tightly but not tight enough to cut into the stems.

      -Hang them upside-down.

      -Wait about four or so weeks before moving them.

      -Display or store them anyway you like.

2. Preserve your flowers is by pressing them.

      -Wait to press your flowers a while, so that there is less moisture in the flowers.

      -If you do not have a flower press, you may choose to press them inside a heavy book, such as a dictionary.

      -Place two sheets of paper, one in front and one behind the flowers, so that the pages of the book don’t get messed up.

      -Lay the flowers and leaves as flat as you can before closing the book.

      -Wait a couple of weeks before the flowers are dried.

      -You may choose to microwave the book with the flowers inside for short increments to speed up the process.

      -After the flowers are dried you may display or store them any way you like.

    After you dry or press your flowers, there are many different crafts and many different ways to display these fragile keepsakes. There are unique and fun craft options online. A short time spent in research can result in many fun family memories, projects, and decorations.