What is Pet Injury Coverage?


        Sometimes when we drive in our cars, trucks, boats, or RVs we like to take our pets along. Unfortunately, our pets are not immune if we get into an accident or our vehicle is stolen. If something does happen to your pet, you may have to pay some hefty bills at the vet’s office. Luckily, Progressive offers pet injury coverage.

        In Progressive’s case, pet injury coverage is included automatically with your vehicle’s collision coverage at no charge. If your pet is injured or killed while riding inside the vehicle or in the bed of the truck in a collision or comprehensive claim, Progressive will pay out $1000 for your cats or dogs. As long as you have collision coverage on at least one of your vehicle’s Progressive policies, they will reimburse you once you provide proof of payment for your vet bills.

        If pet injury coverage is something you are interested in, you may want to get a Progressive insurance quote for your vehicles. If you would like to receive a free quote or if you have any other insurance questions you want answered contact us today at 352-787-7548.

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