What Type of Florida Home Insurance Do You Need?

Florida’s nickname, the Sunshine State, says it all. The state is the southernmost part of the continental United States and because of this, residents experience beautiful weather for most of the year. The other side of Florida’s climate is its hurricane season. From June to November, it seems the area is hit by storm after storm. For individuals who are new to the state, here are some tips on obtaining the proper Florida home insurance.

The average home insurance policy covers circumstances such as theft, fire, and vandalism. As a Florida resident, you need all that and so much more. With hurricanes threatening your home every other month, it is essential to purchase protection against such damage and this generally requires a separate hurricane policy. You also need to make sure that wind destruction is included since winds during extreme weather can be blowing at 100+ MPH. Heavy rains often tagalong with hurricanes and the excess water can cause flooding. Water damage can greatly deteriorate the structure and appearance of your home. This is why it is vital you also purchase flood coverage, which is sold separately.

When shopping for Florida home insurance, it is important to keep in mind that you do not have to empty your wallets to get great coverage. One of our agents would be happy to arrange quotes for you. Call today to see how much you can save.