Who Said Anything About Dying Eggs?

Want to skip out on the messy tradition this year? Then, look at these unique ways to decorate your Easter eggs.

  • Skip out on the dye altogether by decorating your eggs with temporary tattoos!

Egg 1.jpg

  •  Check out this egg decorating idea that only requires a small amount of paint, a thumb, and a sharpie!

Egg 2b.jpg

  • Skip the Easter egg dye kits, and try dying your eggs this year the natural way

Egg 3.jpg 

  • Though the process of decorating these eggs isn’t necessarily less messy, they may appeal to the females in your family. All you need is glue and GLITTER.

Egg 4b.jpg

  • To decorate these unique eggs, you’ll need chalkboard paint and chalk.

Egg 5b.jpg

  • These may not be real eggs, but they are pretty cool. All you need to buy is plastic eggs and glow-in-the-dark sticks.

Egg 6b.jpg

Use these unique egg decorating ideas to create great memories with you and your family.

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