Your first party in your new home and protection with Ocala insurance!


Parties are thrown throughout the world to celebrate a variety of occasions. As a new home owner, you could probably use a break after closing on your house, purchasing Ocala insurance and moving everything in. With the decorating done and the utilities turned on, now is the perfect time for a gathering. Here are some tips for making sure your gala goes off without a hitch.

A party is not a party without guests. Be sure to give your friends and family a heads up on the festivities. By not notifying people ahead of time you run the risk of celebrating all by your lonesome.

Consider skipping alcohol, unless you have room for all your guests to spend the night. Many people tend to overdo it especially when they are in a place they feel comfortable. Your guests may not even miss the absence of alcohol if you provide a wide variety of drinks.

For parties held in between typical meal times, be sure to include hors d’oeuvres. You never know who has skipped a meal that day and having snacks can help discourage early departures.

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